Oct 07, 2019

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Tor Browser is a free multiplatform web browser developed with privacy in mind. It lets users browse the internet anonymously and privately, reducing the risk of personal data breaches and hacks. It is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

7 Most Secure Browsers - Secure & Private Browsing Firefox is a fast and private open-source browser, and it has been fully audited, which proves they do exactly what they say they do. It is developed by Mozilla Foundation, which is a non-profit organization. Firefox is arguably at least as secure as Chrome. The Best Web Browsers for Privacy and Security

5 Most Secure Private Browsers For iPhone 2020

This browser is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. 4. Comodo Dragon Browser. Comodo Dragon Browser is one of the best secure browsers but still, it is no match again for Tor Browser, but with its specialized assets, it makes web browsing much safer. It provides on-site malware scanning, secure DNS, SSL, and domain validation, and block all tracking, cookies and web spies. 4 Best Browsers for 100% Privacy & 4 to Avoid - Privacy