UPDATE: XBox Live is getting IE 10! The latest version of the XBox 360 Media Center comes with a TV-optimized version of Internet Explorer 10. You can apply to join the public beta of the new XBox Live (including IE) here.

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How to Connect Xbox 360 to a PC with wireless internet

This is a tutorial to get XBox live without paying $100 for the router. You need an Ethernet cable and a laptop or computer with a wireless internet connection. To begin, go to the start menu and click on control panel. Change the control panel view to classic view. Then click on network connections and go to your wireless connection under the heading 'LAN or High Speed Internet'.

How to connect XBOX 360 to PC using Ethernet Cable (Wired

Mar 30, 2019 · With your Xbox One console streaming to your Windows 10 PC on the local network, you can alter a few settings to access the console remotely from across the internet. This will require knowing how Halo CE supports up to 16 players but it only supports up to 4 Xboxes in a single game. So if you want to play 16 player Blood Gulch you need 4 players on each Xbox. Xbox 360 Online Multiplayer How-To. You can play most Xbox and Xbox 360 games over the internet. If you need help setting up your Xbox 360 for the internet there is a detailed Jul 10, 2017 · The official Microsoft Xbox 360, seen above left, is always branded as “Microsoft” on the front and says “Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows” on the back. The knockoffs are almost always branded “X360”, seen above right, and usually say “PC Wireless Gaming Receiver” or a variation on the back. Updates will need an internet connection. You can just hook up your Xbox 360 to the internet, sign up for a silver membership and you will get updates.