Jul 02, 2018

Make a Public Network Private? - Windows 7 Help Forums Jul 10, 2010 Setting up a wireless network without an Internet He has Microsoft 2003 Server and all of the networking has been set up. He has about 6 PCs connected to the server and several NetGear routers with a Linksys port switch. He wants to go wireless. Private or Public - change network type in Windows 8.1 and - if you need to turn your network into a Public network, i.e. unsafe for sharing, set it to "Off". - if you need to make your network Private, i.e. network is safe for sharing and common access, set it to "On". My network is Public and sharing is turned off. There is an alternative way to customize the network type in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

Secure Your Wireless Network W/ PrivateInternetAccess VPN

Oct 24, 2019 windows 8 - How do I set my wireless network to be private First make sure that your wireless network is private. Unless you've set a password it isn't. Unless you've set a password it isn't. – Daniel R Hicks Nov 18 '12 at 19:26

To extend another host network . Go to Settings > Wireless > Connect to Network. Enable Connect to 2.4GHz Network and click Wireless Scanner to find all available networks. 3. Select the 2.4GHz host network you want to extend. Note: If the network you want to extend is on but not listed, please try the following steps.

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