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How do I check when my TV Licence expires? This information is available on the front of your TV Licence documentation. However if you cannot find this and you need to know the expiry date of your TV Licence, simply log in and view your licence on our web site. To do this you will need to enter your last name, licence number and post code. Do I need a TV Licence? - TV Licensing Answers to your questions What is live TV and when do I need a licence for it? Live TV means any programme you watch or record as it’s being shown on TV or live on any online TV service. It’s not just live events like sport, news and music. It covers all programmes on any channel, including soaps, series, documentaries and even movies. SABC TV Licences Forgetting to renew your TV licence means a penalty of 10% per month to a maximum of 100% per annum. So, paying by annual debit order is the most convenient way to ensure that this never happens. You may now also pay online now by using your credit card, or online at your own banking website using the TV Licences account details, or go to the

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Mar 30, 2020 Apply for a television licence | South African Government You can apply for a TV licence at your nearest Post Office or at a retailer authorised to issue new TV licences. When you take out a TV licence for the first time, you must pay the full annual fee. Find out more about TV licences from the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) or … Legal loophole being used by hundreds to keep TV Licensing

No TV licence is required to watch on-demand programmes via ITV Hub, All 4, My5, Sky Go etc. A TV licence is required if you use any of these services to watch TV programmes being streamed "live" (e.g. as they go out over the airwaves).

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