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Cloak / MWD Trick failing : Eve I have cloak F1 and MWD F2. Note that the trick will only work if your MWD will get you to non-MWD warp speed in ~10 seconds while under cloak. You need a decent cloak and decent align time - many DSTs are so fat they require inertial mods and/or better cloaks and/or better MWDs to actually make the trick work. PYFA and excel will help. [Lifeblood] Stealthy Cloak+MWD trick nerf : Eve [Lifeblood] Stealthy Cloak+MWD trick nerf. Unintended. Some of you might already know that the Cloak+MWD trick no longer works on SiSi. As of right now you can activate your cloak and then have at least 2-3 seconds to activate your MWD making you totally safe from the sig bloom it provides. EVE Search - The MWD + Cloak trick?

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Your gate cloak will drop slowly giving you a short headstart, after which the hostile ships will need to lock you (made easier if you're running an MWD, but the extra speed makes up for it). In a fast frigate, it's often possible to hit the gate before hostile ships are even able to establish lock.

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